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Newsletter May 2020

Dear Friends of METO,

We hope that you and your family are well during this pandemic. This is a quick update on what METO has been up to and our plans for the coming months.

The pandemic has propelled us to re-examine our priorities and how to best contribute to disarmament and security in the Middle East.  These priorities now include:

-       Working towards a successful 2020 UN WMDFZ Conference, whenever it takes place, and associated activities.

-       State and civil society action to strengthen the chances of survival of the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPoA) as an interim step towards making the zone a reality

-       Broadening disarmament discussions to include regional security as a means to assure all states of the benefits to their national security.

We plan to contribute to this discourse by:

-       Convening a series of small online roundtables with selected political & technical experts to map the path forward on key subject areas (such as the elements of success for future UN WMDFZ Conferences)

-       Updating the Draft Treaty text by incorporating insights from our online roundtables prior to the UN WMDFZ conference

-       Producing a practical policy paper on proposals to fuse disarmament and regional security discussions

-       Engaging with partners in actions to strengthen the JCPoA

-       Re-energising the campaign to promote a zone in Israel, in light of the creation of a new government.

We are keen to involve you in our deliberations and actions going forward, and it would be great to hear your views and enthusiasm. Please feel free to get in touch at info@wmd-free.me.

We wish our friends and colleagues a festive Eid Al-Fitr!

Best wishes,


METO Core Team

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