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1. METO officially registered
2. New website launched
3. Collaboration with IPPNW
4. New Draft Treaty in the pipeline

We officially exist!

Dear Friends of METO,

The covid-19 lockdown period was not wasted time for METO, after years of working as an unregistered campaign we were able to take the opportunity to study different ways of operating legally.  We are happy to say that we are now registered as a non-profit company in the UK, we have a bank account and can accept donations.  This will transform the way we work for the best enabling us to really push forward with all aspects of our work, from developing the draft treaty, to diplomacy, outreach, education and much more.

METO has a new website!

We are also delighted to announce the launch of our NEW WEBSITE. Since the lockdown we have been able to take a look at everything we do in METO and consider the best way to show this to the world.  This website is the result all that work.  We love it, and we hope you do to. Of course, if you can see places for improvement, we're always ready to hear from you.

The site consists of a home page, which contains an overview of the entire project, a blog which contains news of what we're up to, and a donate page, where those who wish can make one-time or regular donations to help us reach our goal of a WMD free zone in the Middle East.

Please take a few moments to have a look and let us know what you think, and of course, share it to your friends and colleagues or on social media.

Building the movement of health workers to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe involving nuclear weapons

On the 20th of August, 2020, IPPNW and METO held a joint webinar targeted at stimulating disarmament initiatives from within the Middle East titled, “Building the movement of health workers to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe involving nuclear weapons”.  The idea was inspired by the work of the original founders of IPPNW, Soviet and US physicians, who were among the first to recognise the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons on human health and the dangers they pose to human civilisation and even the very survival of human beings as a species.  Almost 100 people from all over the world registered and well over 50% of them attended.

To read a report of the event and to see the video presentations made by each of the panellists, click here or on the button below.

We are delighted by this new partnership we are forging with IPPNW and hope it will be the start of many such arrangements with other campaigns, networks and organisations.

If you represent such an organisation and would like to partner with us, please let us know at the e-mail address below.

Read our report

New Draft Treaty in the pipeline

Version 3 of the Draft Treaty has been available since April last year, and ever since then we've been collecting ideas and suggestions for a version 4 and even a version 5.  In the near future we will be organising more webinars and roundtables in order to have even more comprehensive Draft Treat texts.

We will keep you informed on this in future newsletters.

For any enquiries about METO, please feel free to get in touch at meto@wmd-free.me.

Best wishes,

METO Core Team

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