We are currently unable to offer any internships. If you would like to get involved with METO’s work as a volunteer, please write to or, if you are in higher education, you make like to join our University Network.

We will give priority to applicants from the Zone or to applicants with connections to countries of the Zone, and to those who are studying a relevant subject or need to do professional practice in our field.

As an intern you will be reporting into one of METO’s directors, there will be regular meetings to mutually define your work and to review your progress, and we will encourage your participation in all areas of METO’s field of interest. We can also offer personal development workshops for those interested in nonviolent activism and communication.

Internship vacancies

Research assistant

We are seeking a motivated intern to work with our Executive Director as a Researcher. The successful applicant will have an interest in Israel’s and the United States’ publicly declared positions regarding weapons of mass destruction since the 1970s. The work will involve studying relevant documents, summarising them and reporting back to the Executive Director on your findings. This kind of research is invaluable for us in order to be able to develop strategies for tackling resistance to the WMD free zone in the Middle East.

Education assistant

We are seeking an enthusiastic intern to help us put into place our Education Program. We have developed and delivered a program of work to students which enables them to “analyse the challenges, revisit past efforts to achieve the Zone and identify future scenarios to rid the region of all WMDs.” The successful applicant will be able to help us reach out to educational institutions inside and outside the Zone in order to introduce our course to relevant faculties connected to our field of work. They will also help us to develop the end-to-end process including: registration, course delivery, content adaptation, speaker invitations, and course completion.

Internship Application Form

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