Young METO

METO’s mission to eradicate weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), broker peace and build security in the Middle East can only be achieved with the widespread support of people all over the world. To this end, Young METO is a key element in educating people and raising awareness.

Young METO is made up of students and graduates who are convinced of the need to create a WMD-free zone in the Middle East. Representatives help METO get its message out in several ways.

At Young METO, there are two primary streams available. They are Standard Membership and Active Membership:

Standard Membership is for those who wish to express their support for METO and gain exposure to our outreach (including educational opportunities), but do not wish to commit to a higher level of involvement or regular research tasks.

Active Membership is for those who wish to undertake regular voluntary work for METO through our projects, with the potential to join us for international events, gain practical experience and interact with one another more consistently. Active members usually commit a few hours per week (or more) in support of METO’s activities, under the supervision of project leaders.

We offer two possible routes for members, including ‘outreach’ projects, and ‘research’ projects. As a minimum, all active members will be involved in one of the three outreach project types, and those who wish to take on more work can often also join a ‘research’ project

Current Outreach Projects:

  • Roadshows (University/Organization lectures)
  • Social Media
  • Advocacy (Policymaker communications)
  • Communications
    • The Bright Side (Good News Bulletin)
    • In The Zone (METO Podcast)

Current Research Projects:

  • The Intersectional Security Initiative
  • Re-Mapping the Middle East
  • The Humanitarian Initiative

What you get in return

Young METO Representatives who complete at least one academic year of activity with METO will be eligible for a certificate, letter of recommendation or reference depending on the activities undertaken and the support given. They will also be able to participate in our “alumni network” allowing representatives to develop the network of contacts that can be useful when it comes to developing a career in the fields of peace and disarmament, WMDs, diplomacy, campaigning, fundraising, etc.

To register for our programme, please fill in the form below:

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