METO at St Andrew’s University

On February 16th, METO and the University of St. Andrews Foreign Affairs Society hosted a roadshow discussion on the future of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Global Politics. Emad Kiyaei joined via Zoom to talk to many St. Andrews students interested in futures in diplomacy and disarmament. Britt Gronemeyer, a member of METO’s university networkContinue reading “METO at St Andrew’s University”

Media Briefing Presentations

On the 1st of September, METO together with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy and Atomic Reporters hosted a media briefing for journalists on the subject of Developments in the ME & the perspectives for WMD Disarmament. Four speakers were invited to participate and give their views and we have recorded and edited them forContinue reading “Media Briefing Presentations”

METO online roadshow

METO’s roadshow, aka “An Israeli and an Iranian talk about nuclear weapons” with Sharon Dolev and Emad Kiyaei, will take place as part of a series of digital talks organised by Asfar CIC on Wednesday, September 1st at 17:00 UK time.

The JCPOA and the WMD-Free Zone

As the Iran nuclear deal (the JCPOA as it is often referred to) continued to hog the spotlight of all international reporting on the Middle East, the Middle East Treaty Organization, together with our partners, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), organised a rather unique webinar bringing together the voices from importantContinue reading “The JCPOA and the WMD-Free Zone”

What role for the other parties to the JCPOA?

In recent months, the focus on the Iran Nuclear Deal (the JCPOA) has been on the United States (who unilaterally withdrew from the agreement under the Trump presidency) and on Iran (who subsequently started to stop compliance with some of the agreement’s terms).

New York: An Iranian and an Israeli talking about nuclear weapons

With a banner hanging on the Maryhouse stage behind them reading “Pope Francis Proclaims: The very Possession of Nuclear Weapons is to be Firmly Condemned”, Emad Kiyaei rises, “First of all, thank you so much. Stepping into this space has been truly profound, knowing that so many here have fought for a such variety ofContinue reading “New York: An Iranian and an Israeli talking about nuclear weapons”

Abolition 2000 webinar: The Breakdown of the Iran Deal – Global perspectives

On October 2nd, the international day of nonviolence, Abolition 2000 held its fourth webinar on issues related to our goals of eliminating nuclear weapons and nuclear power, this time on the crucial issue of the Iran Nuclear Deal, the JCPOA, which came into force in 2015 and which President Trump has apparently dedicated his presidencyContinue reading “Abolition 2000 webinar: The Breakdown of the Iran Deal – Global perspectives”

Berlin: An Iranian and an Israeli talking about nuclear weapons

This unremarkable title for an evening event last Wednesday at the cultural centre did, in fact, draw attention. Discussion events are not necessarily a big crowd-puller nowadays and most people prefer to look away rather than listen when it comes to nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, about 80 people came to the event, which had onlyContinue reading “Berlin: An Iranian and an Israeli talking about nuclear weapons”