METO Student Journal of WMD Disarmament and Security in the Middle East – Issue 1

Pyramids of Giza (Credit: KennyOMG)

Feminist perspectives on international security and disarmament

A feminist take on hierarchical structures of international security and disarmament
Aayushi Sharma

A feminist perspective on the WMD Free Zone
Alice Filiberto

Seeing international security and disarmament through a feminist lens
Mayssa Issaoui

International Women’s Day event, Cairo (Credit: Al Jazeera English)

WMDFZ Dividend

What are the benefits of a WMDFZ?
Giada Del Russo

Budapest Peace Sign 2006

Obstacles facing the Zone

What’s in the way of establishing a Zone?
Esra Serim

The long and bumpy road to realize the Zone
Gaia Durante Mangoni

WMDFZ: Obstacles and solutions
Nadine Easby

Overcoming the “trust deficit” to achieve the Zone
Noor Hammad

Four key obstacles for the Zone and efforts to overcome them
Sara Al-Sayed

Iran’s Nuclear Program and its Impact on the Middle East Regional Security Order
Aref Bijan

Demonstrators gather at Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli, Libya (Credit: UN News)

State perspectives on the Zone

Israel & a WMD Free Zone: position, obstacles and solutions
Antonios Eskander

Israeli Perspective on a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East
Akshat Sharma

Egypt and the WMDFZ in the Middle East
Hadir Mamdouh

A WMDFZ in the Middle East: An Egyptian Perspective
Sabrina Tripodi

China as a Player in the Middle East
Carter Myers-Brown

View from Washington D.C.: Nuclear Weapons and the Zone
Soukaina El Anaoui

United Nations, Geneva, (Credit: UNWTO)