Abolition 2000 webinar: The Breakdown of the Iran Deal – Global perspectives

On October 2nd, the international day of nonviolence, Abolition 2000 held its fourth webinar on issues related to our goals of eliminating nuclear weapons and nuclear power, this time on the crucial issue of the Iran Nuclear Deal, the JCPOA, which came into force in 2015 and which President Trump has apparently dedicated his presidency to destroying.

Three speakers: Emad Kiyaei from the Middle East Treaty Organisation project; Tarja Cronberg, from the SIPRI European security program, and; Jamal Abdi, president of the US-based, National Iranian American Council, shared their thoughts on how we have reached the situation we’re in, what the different interests in play are, and how events may pan out in the near future, with the 2020 NPT Review Conference on the horizon.  The webinar was moderated by Abolition 2000 committee member, Sharon Dolev.

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Berlin: An Iranian and an Israeli talking about nuclear weapons

This unremarkable title for an evening event last Wednesday at the Framed.berlin cultural centre did, in fact, draw attention.

Discussion events are not necessarily a big crowd-puller nowadays and most people prefer to look away rather than listen when it comes to nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, about 80 people came to the event, which had only been published shortly ahead of time.

Is it really so unusual for an Iranian and an Israeli to talk to each other? Or has the increasing tension between the USA and Iran in the nuclear conflict sparked interest?

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