METO marks TPNW entry into force on social media

As part of our busy start to the new year, METO has launched its new social media campaign to kick off 2021. 

Our new Instagram page was launched, joining our existing Twitter and Facebook pages, with an impressive steady increase in followers as attention was directed to our social media presence. 

As part of our strategy and hopes to widen our reach across the MENA region and beyond, alongside our new partnership with ICAN and ongoing support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), METO’s social media campaign sought to celebrate the Entry into Force on January 22nd, 2021. A momentous achievement in the global efforts for nuclear disarmament, it was also a brilliant opportunity to engage with activists, supporters and a wide range of individuals interested in learning more about the issue. The campaign was a week-long series; a countdown to the Friday Entry into Force. With several components, it built a number of connections with new engagements across all our platforms. 

A key element, centred on publishing a series of factual infographics (in METO’s colours) as part of our educational focus- on all three of our platforms, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all liked, circulated, and reposted numerous times. These centred on the important, good-to-know fundamentals of the TPNW, such as ratifying states, its impacts on the Middle East work towards disarmament, and the historical timeline marking its progress. This served as useful content for our new audiences, offering a more foundational knowledge on the treaty and the surrounding efforts for disarmament. This goes on to continue with hopes to recirculate the content translated into Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew to reach further across the online sphere. We also directly engaged with other organisations commemorating the treaty’s entry into force, reposting content from their Instagram and Twitter feeds to platform their voices, information and celebrations further. 

The highlight of the week was our conclusion to the social media campaign, a video of youth from across the globe discussing why the TPNW matters to them, in a few short sentences. The many diverse, young faces speaking on their hopes and goals for global peace and nuclear disarmament was undoubtedly moving, hopeful, and inspiring, and this video gained an 80% higher rate of engagement on our Facebook and Instagram, with numerous reshares on our Twitter feeds. The compilation received attention from ICAN itself and continues to gain attention on METO’s Instagram in particular. It also marks our intention to launch more video campaigns and celebrations as part of our ongoing social media strategy for our work ahead, given its positive reception and uplifting means of spreading an important message.