The Bright Side

The Bright Side is the newly launched good news bulletin curated by the METO University Network. It was born as a response to the overwhelming presence of bad news surrounding the Middle East and North Africa in the western mainstream media, partly contributing to a false representation, and the stereotyping of the region as one of conflict and suffering. We felt there was a need to portray “the Bright Side” of the region too: one where meaningful cooperation on issues on human rights, the environment or education and healthcare is increasingly present, and should be celebrated.

The Bright Side is divided into several themes: Disarmament & Conflict Resolution, Women, Children, Human Rights, Migration & Refugees, Health, Environment, Food & Water Security, Renewable Energy, Education, Culture and Archaeology. Each month, a few articles on good news regarding these themes are specially selected from regional news outlets and presented to the public as a monthly bulletin in order to highlight the achievements of the region’s citizens on these key issues.

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