Issue 2 – December 2021 – Editorial

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by Tamyra Selvarajan*

The Middle East is jumping on the bandwagon of a renewable energy revolution. This is definitely a big turn for the region as most of the region relies heavily on fossil fuels for both income and energy. 

Algeria is one of the countries that are going green. More than 97% of the country used fossil fuels to generate. Now, the Algerian government plans to generate electricity solely from renewable energy sources by 2035. The country is also making an attempt to import hybrid cars, generate green hydrogen and roll out the placement of solar panels. 

Besides Algeria, Saudi Arabia is also paving the way for renewable energy by pledging for net-zero carbon emissions during the recent COP26 summit. The Saudi government is doing so by going digital which not only is crucial to optimizing productivity, but is also an effective strategy to lower carbon emissions and mitigate risks. It’s proposed date of 2060 looks far away, but once the country gets going it will be able to rapidly decarbonise.

All across the MENA region, mosques are also turning towards sustainable methods. All of the methods that have been implemented so far have been in accord to the principles of Islam.

It is incontrovertible that the Middle East has among the best renewable energy sources in the world. Converting from fossil fuels and refraining from using nuclear energy on the basis of economics will ensure that the region will eventually be the world leader in this technology.

The Middle East making progress towards developing renewable energy is something worth reporting on and the Bright Side is here to report on more positive news like this, all across the MENA region. Like our previous issue, our purpose remains the same. We aim to highlight the people making a positive change in the region across numerous fields.

* Tamyra Selvarajan is a Year 2 PHIR student at the University of Nottingham, Malaysia. In METO, she researches all the latest developments in renewable energy in the MENA region. Before this, she has undertaken content creation as well as website development for a Thai-based non-profit.

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The articles selected for publication in this bulletin have been specially chosen in order to highlight the good work done every day across the region in order to improve the quality of life for citizens. It also highlights the advances in culture and the new archaelogical discoveries in the region, underlining that this region really has been a cradle of civilization for millenia.

The views expressed in the linked articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Middle East Treaty Organization and their inclusion in our bulletin should not be interpreted in any way other than we think they’re interesting stories that should be more widely known. We will never intentionally include articles that promote or condone violence and discrimination in any form.

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