METO is now on TikTok!

Our social media team has been focused on expanding its reach online to better platform and engage with our work on establishing a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East, but also to dive further into wider issues on disarmament, peacebuilding, and the region. As part of this push, METO has started working on some fun video content across all our social media platforms. The rising prominence of video content online has opened a unique space to connect with a more far-reaching community from all over the world, and a more interactive sense of engagement with our work.

You can find a link to our TikTok account here:

The launch of our TikTok is an exciting one—with the help of our brilliant University Network members, the team is developing a series of content for our profile. With more in-depth coverage of The Bright Side and Re-Mapping the Middle East initiatives, along with updates on our podcast series, In the Zone, our TikTok channel will also offer a range of bite-size videos giving an insight into the work we do—whilst having a little fun. It will also give you some behind the scenes of our time at conferences such as the recent First Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and some quick-fire Q and A sessions with people from the field on what they do. In time, there will be lots to see, showing the inner workings of what really goes on when an organisation organises new campaigns, attends global conferences, and collaborates with other projects, figures, and organisations.

Here’s our popular ‘Meet the Team’ video.

Anahita, Giada, Britt and Julia will be some of the familiar faces you’ll see jumping in to talk all things METO.

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