Analysis: The eyes of the world on Egypt for COP27

Egypt will be hosting the upcoming COP27 Conference in Sharm El Sheikh from 6 November – 18 November 2022. Egypt has been consistently taking action to establish itself as a proponent of climate change action and has attained status as a Green Economy Flagship country. It has been implementing measures to combat air pollution, aContinue reading “Analysis: The eyes of the world on Egypt for COP27”

In The Zone – Episode 4 – Karim Haggag

In the fourth podcast in our series, In The Zone, Anahita Parsa and Paul Ingram interview Ambassador Karim Haggag from Egypt, a career diplomat with over 25 years of service, who is now a professor of practice at the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the American University in Cairo. In this interview,Continue reading “In The Zone – Episode 4 – Karim Haggag”