In The Zone – Episode 7 – The JCPOA and the other parties

In this special episode of In The Zone we have taken some of the best bits from our recent webinar, organized in collaboration with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, featuring four representative perspectives on the Iranian nuclear deal and its relationship with the proposal to set up a WMD-Free Zone across the Middle East.

Our webinar was recorded on the day the Joint Commission of the JCPOA nuclear deal was meeting in Vienna and the context was that the E3 (France, Germany, UK) and the European Union, together with China and Russia, are seeking ways and means of restoring the JCPOA, bringing both the USA and Iran back into compliance with it, while also tackling the questions of ballistic missiles and other regional security concerns.

Our panelists were:
Tarja Cronberg – Distinguished Associate Fellow at SIPRI
Anton Khlopkov – Founding director of the Center for Energy and Security Studies
Dina Esfandiary – Senior Adviser at the International Crisis Group
Li Chijiang – Vice President and General Secretary, China Arms Control and Disarmament Association

You can listen to it on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube, or in the podcast player below.