In The Zone – Episode 10 – Anton Khlopkov

In episode 10 of In The Zone, Anahita Parsa and Paul Ingram interview Anton Khlopkov. In this interview, Anton talks about Russia‚Äôs view of developments in the Middle East, including the Iran Nuclear Deal and the WMD free zone, the perspectives for future joint Russian-US cooperation in the region, how he became interested in theContinue reading “In The Zone – Episode 10 – Anton Khlopkov”

In The Zone – Episode 7 – The JCPOA and the other parties

In this special episode of In The Zone we have taken some of the best bits from our recent webinar, organized in collaboration with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, featuring four representative perspectives on the Iranian nuclear deal and its relationship with the proposal to set up a WMD-Free Zone across the Middle East.

What role for the other parties to the JCPOA?

In recent months, the focus on the Iran Nuclear Deal (the JCPOA) has been on the United States (who unilaterally withdrew from the agreement under the Trump presidency) and on Iran (who subsequently started to stop compliance with some of the agreement’s terms).