Issue 8 – September 2022 – Editorial

A publication of the METO University Network

by Giada Del Russo*

Welcome back to a brand new issue of The Bright Side, where we aim to bring you positive news from the Middle East to highlight the incredible work being done in the region. After a brief summer break, The Bright Side team is glad to announce that we are adding two new exciting sections to our monthly issues: our new interviews and analysis sections will make an appearance starting from the month of October. 

To start, the interviews section will feature discussions conducted with a variety of prominent experts, diplomats and people from the zone who have a vast experience in working to achieve a more secure, stable and prosperous Middle East. These discussions will serve as a way to promote regional cooperation and highlight the ever-growing connection between civil societies, citizens and governments. Our first interview, featuring Senior Policy Advisor AndrĂ© Wehrli, is one you do not want to miss. 

Secondly, our analysis section will give space to the Bright Side team to explore progress that has been made on themes relating to our work. It will bring to the public compelling arguments on the most important issues within the zone by always offering a positive outlook on the developments in question. So, stay tuned! 

This month, exciting new progress has been made on all key human security areas: from the restoration of diplomatic ties between Iran and the UAE and the UN offering tablets to children in Gaza to foster careers in technology, to the happy ending of the rescue of migrants on the Tunisian coast and the discovery of new artifacts, this issue is once again bringing you some feel good news to brighten your day and to change the negative narrative around the Middle East.

* Giada Del Russo is the coordinator of the Bright Side and a Program Associate with the Middle East Treaty Organization. She is a final year War Studies & History student at the department of War Studies at King’s College London, with a keen interest in disarmament, international humanitarian law and diplomacy. Giada is currently working as an intern for the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Washington D.C.

Our Team

This bulletin is bought to you by the following members of the METO University Network:

Giada del Russo (Coordinator)
Tannaz Zafarani (Disarmament and Conflict Resolution)
Soukaina El Anaoui (Women)
Salma Al-Wahaibi (Children)
Julia Chang (Migration & Refugees)
Britt Gronemeyer (Healthcare)

Yutong Zhang (Environment)
Arwa Syed (Food & Water Security)
Abdullah Al-Wandawi (Renewable Energy)
Molly Pimm (Education)
Harshul Singh (Culture)
Hilda Ariastuti (Archaeology)

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The articles selected for publication in this bulletin have been specially chosen in order to highlight the good work done every day across the region in order to improve the quality of life for citizens. It also highlights the advances in culture and the new archaelogical discoveries in the region, underlining that this region really has been a cradle of civilization for millenia.

The views expressed in the linked articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Middle East Treaty Organization and their inclusion in our bulletin should not be interpreted in any way other than we think they’re interesting stories that should be more widely known. We will never intentionally include articles that promote or condone violence and discrimination in any form.

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